We have two different programs:
- Environmental Management Program
- Local Government Program

Environmental Management Program

The Environmental Programme supports sustainable development in Estonia promoting implementation of integrated regional and municipal strategies for local governments. We assist industries to increase their competitiveness through cleaner production projects, implementation of standardized managemet systems smslaen and facilitating investment programs. Attract investmets by cleaner production projects.


  • Integrated environmental action plan
  • Waste management programs for municipalities
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems, as outlined in ISO 14001, EMAS
  • Efficient use of resources (Cleaner Production) and project preparation for loan procurement
  • Applications of environmental permits (IPPC)
  • Classification and labelling of chemicals
  • Environmental auditing

Local Government Program

The objective of local government program is supporting sustainable development and increasing capacity of public administration by training and consulting the municipalities elected members and officials.


  • Participatory regional and municipal development plans
  • Public participation process development and management
  • Organisation diagnostics and development
  • Investment project preparation and management